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The health benefits of olive oil in the diet has become more than a novel observation. Clinical research is substantiating health benefits , but the gourmet tastes and flavors are well worth mentioning too.

Highly favored as a cooking oil, or for use in a variety of traditional cooking from the Paleo Food List, olive oil is being touted by some as a delicious companion to good health. Research on the health benefits of olive oil are impressive.

Olive oil for cholesterol-lowering

Compared to American food, especially snacks and fast food popular in the United States, the Mediterranean diet has intrigued the medical world. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results suggest that the introduction of olive oil in our regular diet showed a reduction in LDL ( bad cholesterol). This is important because oxidized LDL cholesterol often results in arterial stiffness and heart related diseases.

Olive oil in cancer prevention

In a comparative study. The University Hospital Germans Trias Pujol in Barcelona there seems to be an indication that the health benefits of olive oil may also be useful in the prevention or reduction of tumor cells. In the study, mice were fed a carcinogen that causes cancer. The study provides evidence that a diet rich in olive oil prevents colon carcinogenesis reducing precancerous tissue which resulted in fewer tumors compared with a sample of rats which were given foods containing other oils.

Researchers at the University of Oxford in England have seen evidence that food cooked with olive oil from paleo food list can actually be very good for our digestion, such as fruits and vegetables to prevent or reduce the incidence of colon cancer. While red meat seems to be associated with the development of cancer in colon, while olive oil seemed to minimize the incidence of colon cancer. The reasons for this phenomenon is still unknown, but it is believed that the oil can help regulate the bile acid in the stomach by increasing useful enzymes in the stomach that contribute to optimal colon health.

Olive oil health and heart

The American Heart Association also noted that consumption of olive oil has many health benefits.

By reducing the level of LDL-cholesterol there is an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Olive oil has antioxidant effects which have also been widely reported and are effective in reducing free radicals in the body that can be a causative agent in the pre -cancerous and cancerous growth.

Many other health benefits of olive oil can be found in a Mediterranean diet, which explores the many uses of olive oil for cooking and more balanced meal options.

While studies are still ongoing, it is gratifying to see something that has long been known for good taste may also be a link to the health benefits and long life. Here is a website which has more information and electric griddle recipes.